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No experience required, no need to be an arborist or a botanist to enjoy gardening.

As a child we always purchased pretty little packets of seeds. Into the garden they would go, with a tiny depression, made by tiny fingers.

They grew! I had an abundance of faith in those seeds and they never let me down.

As I matured though I found it easier to buy the small starts from the local

garden center.Living in Florida with sand for soil can do that to a girl.

Sand and seeds do not make great friends.

Container gardening or annuals, perennials, bulbs or

veggies... I intend to explore the many possibilities of the garden.

I want to learn together and share knowledge and the love of one of

America's great passions, the garden. Many a retiree has been found in the

garden...late in life and with a new found passion.

Don't be concerned that you may not possess a green thumb.If you are willing

to try and keep trying,you will succceed.

Try what interests you the most,go slow,make note of the results and learn.

You will find the gardening niche that is perfect for you.I promise.

I could not grow violets as a child, but now my violets are beautiful.You will learn

as you go along. One seedling or start at a time. Be patient with


I suggest one project at a time, grow your

confidence and your new plant.You can become a gardener your friends and

neighbors will envy.

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